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Chorey-les-Beaune - Sylvain Loichet


Situated on the alluvial fan of the Savigny-les-Beaune valley, this parcel has alluvial stony soils mixed with marl limestone.  The selected graft on 161-49 root stock, is between 45 and 50 years old.


After harvesting by hand, the grapes are put into big, wooden, cone shaped, vats.  They then undergo a week long cold maceration with the fermentation starting naturally.  The wine is taken out of vat after some 3 weeks, the exact timing determined by tastings.  After having been pressed, the wine is put into oak barrel for a maturation period of around 24 months. The oak barrels have been used 1 to 4 times previously.  After maturation the wine is bottled by gravity without being fined or filtered.

Tasting note

This accessible wine, with notes of red fruit, has good concentration and has the classic style of the appellation.


6 to 8 years (stored in the right temperature and humidity conditions).

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