Côte-de-Nuits-Villages "Aux Montagnes"

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Cote-de-Nuits Villages Aux Montagnes - Sylvain Loichet


This 1 hectare parcel is situated at the top of the village of Comblanchien, not far from the quarries of "French Carrara", on a very stony, steep slope.


After harvesting by hand, the grapes are put into bigcone shaped, wooden vats.  They then undergo a week long cold maceration with fermentation starting naturally.  The wine is taken out of vat after some 3 weeks, the exact timing determined by tastings.  After having been pressed, the wine is put into oak barrel for a maturation period of around 24 months. The oak barrels have been used 1 to 4 times previously.  After maturation the wine is bottled by gravity without being fined or filtered.

Tasting note

This wine has a bright appearance, with notes of blackcurrant and pepper, classic aromas of the appellation. Nice entry to the palate with a promising structure.  Slightly closed, but with no bitter notes.


6 to 8 years (stored in the right temperature and humidity conditions).

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