Bourgogne Aligote

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Bourgogne Aligote - Sylvain Loichet


Situated in Comblanchien, this gently sloping vineyard has an East- West orienation. The stony topsoil over clay suits the Aligoté grape variety. The vines are 30 years old.


After harvesting by hand, carried-out when the grapes have reached full maturity, the grapes are gently pressed in a pneumatic press.  The must is left to settle overnight and the fermentation starts naturally using indigenous yeast and bacteria.  The wines undergo a fine filtration using a membrane filter of 5μ, and are then bottled by gravity

Tasting notes

This grape variety is known for its freshness and good levels of acidity. When the grapes are fully mature they have notes of lemon on the nose.  This wine maintains its ripe, full character, with its rich aromatics.


3 to 4 years (stored in the right temperature and humidity conditions). 

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